Marian Dörk

EdgeMaps is a new visualization technique that integrates the representation of explicit and implicit data relations. Explicit relations are specific connections between entities already present in a given dataset, while implicit relations are based on the similarity measures derived from shared properties in multidimensional data. EdgeMaps combine spatialization and graph drawing techniques to visualize both types of relations. By activating only one node at a time and distinguishing between incoming and outgoing edges, interesting visual patterns emerge resembling fireworks and waves.

Demo Source


The interest map of EdgeMaps positions data items based on their similarity using multidimensional scaling. Curved and colored edges represent incoming and outgoing influence connections, here shown for Karl Marx. The Beatles are located in the middle of the interest map, with outgoing infuence connections covering most of the upper half. The timeline orders data item by time, for example, birth dates. The grid indicates folding for sparse time spans. The general appearance of the influence curves in the timeline arguably resembles a wave, here shown for Friedrich Nietzsche. The outgoing influence connections from Chuck Berry span at least four decades.

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This project was carried out at the University of Calgary.