Marian Dörk

Given common search interfaces, it is difficult to gain orientation within large information spaces and explore information along conceptual dimensions such as time, location, and topics. Visual information exploration on the Web aims to support a more active way of finding and exploring information by the means of coordinated visualizations. Drawing from both visual information seeking and faceted navigation, interactive visualization widgets called VisGets combine graphical summaries and query formulation. VisGets provide the information seeker with visual overviews of multiple aspects of Web resources and a way to pose a search query visually within the Web-browser. This facilitates the construction of combined queries with temporal, spatial, and semantic constraints.


VisGets interface with Global Voices news visualized along three facets: time, location, and tags. Brushing a regional cluster close to India highlights related dates, tags, and results. Flickr photos tagged with 'street' or 'graffiti' in Vancouver. Hovering over one result highlights its date, location, and tags. Flickr photos during Winter Olympics tagged with 'protest' in Vancouver. Biographical records from Wikipedia. Hovering over football player reveals that most players on the Wikipedia are not older than 30 years.

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This project was carried out at the University of Calgary.